Tyranny of Dragons (Nerd Immersion)

Episode Six: Enter the Dragon Hatchery

Leosin comes up to tell the Belladonnas that he is leaving. He mentions to find him in the city of Elturel, but if he is not there to seek out Ontharr Frume, who is a lover of drinks and stories. He also mentions that he does not think that the cultists will be quick to move after their escape. However, when the Belladonnas set out the next day to do more recon they find the entire encampment abandoned. It looks as though only a group of hunters are left.

Phoenix tries to stride up the hunters all sexy like, but trips and falls as she tries to look cool.

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Episode Five: Hags and Helping the Helpless

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The Belladonnas watch as Ava tiptoes towards the camp, trying to figure out more about the groups entering, when she loudly steps on a twig and is discovered. Panic sets in for Roswen as she watches her childhood friend get further and further away into danger. As they discuss how to proceed, they watch a man run past warning the camp of intruders. Apparently alerted by the fact that they left the ambush site completely unaltered after killing everyone. Ava darts inside a nearby tent to avoid further detection.

The rest of the group panics as they try to decide what to do. They finally decide to move out and around the camp when all of the sudden a stranger pops seemingly out of nowhere next to them. A human female with short brown hair in a bob and blue eyes.

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“Hi guys!” She says, just staring at the group. Lux pulls her sword and the girl suddenly puts up her hands. “Oh shoot!” She pulls off a wig, revealing Ava’s dreads underneath. Deciding that stealth and escape are more important than answers at the moment, they make their way out of the ravine and try to avoid further detection from the cult.

As they make camp to study the encampment and plot their next move, Ava details what happened to her during the short period of time that she was missing. She tells them that when she heard the man run into the camp she ducked into a nearby tent that appeared empty. The dark tent, suddenly glowed with light however and she describes an old woman with a cough offering her assistance and some items for a favor later, trying to gloss over the whole favor thing. She also attempts to reassure them that everything’s fine and there’s nothing at all concerning about this encounter at all…

To mixed results.

With a minute to breathe, the conversation turns to Lux’s gold dragon scales that cover her body whenever she rages. Ava immediately accuses her of being a secret dragon, somewhat jokingly as she would never be friends with a dragon, secret or not. Roswen points out that they were gold scales which would mean that if she was a dragon, she’d be a good dragon.

“The only good dragon is a dead dragon,” Ava spits out nonchalantly, and with only a hint of malice, believing that the others held this same belief. She seems unaware that Lux has bristled and Roswen looks uncomfortable and when she does notice, she doubles down. “I’ve never met a good dragon. Dragons are evil.”

Lux tries to reassure her that metallic dragons are in fact good and Ava grows suspicious, asking again about her scales. Lux mentions that its part of her path as a barbarian and a relative peace settles about the group again. The conversation then turns back to Ava and the new items she’s acquired. She hands over a bag of salt to Roswen, gloves with lightning bolts to Lux and keeps a coat that looks like a porcupine for herself. Ava also details what she learned about the cult while she was down there.


  1. They like dragons.
  2. They raise their hand and yell “Praise Tiamat” to each other.
  3. There’s also hunters down there not with the cult, that just say that there’s food in the cave in the back thats guarded.

They discuss plans on how to get into the camp and get Leosin out, it takes them awhile before the finally settle on a plan. Lux will stay up above with a rope so that the group can climb out of the encampment with Leosin. Roswen, Ava and Phoenix will go in as hunters, with Roswen disguised as an cat. Ava hunts a couple of deer to complete the disguise and they enter in through the main gate untroubled.


Further into the camp, the group discovers there are 8 other prisoners in addition to Leosin that need to be rescued. They also see that the half-dragon Cyanwrath is not alone. There is another female half-dragon in the camp as well as another female in purple robes and a man in red robes. They are unable to get close to the tent however as it is heavily guarded. They continue and leave the meat by the door of the cave, the guards mention that they’ll take it into the nursery later.

Ava and Phoenix leave the meat behind and walk over to where the prisoners are. Roswen-cat tries to see into the cave, but is unable to see anything of note. The trio wander over to where the prisoners are being held and try to sneakily speak with Leosin, although Ava laments she’s not the smoothest when it comes to intrigue. Leosin is initially reluctant to leave, saying that he’s gathering intel, however agrees to be “rescued” only if the other prisoners are rescued as well.

Phoenix is set to task with distracting the camp and while Ava is waiting a guard wanders by where they’ve been talking to Leosin. “Heh, heh, heh, come to have a little fun with the prisoner, huh? He’s such an easy target.” Playing along, Ava gives Leosin a punch in the stomach. The guard laughs again and eggs her on, trying to get her to punch him harder. Ava hesitates and covers it up with concern that the boss will be mad at her. The guard reassures her and Ava reluctantly socks Leosin in the face before the guard wanders off again. “Oh god, I’m so sorry!”

Meanwhile, Lux uses her ability to speak with animals with Elli, giving her instructions on what to do on her signal. Elli also comments on how awesome Ava is, although unfortunately Ava can’t hear her from down below.

Phoenix launches into her distraction, putting on the concert of her life with pyrotechnics and dancing lights and completely forgetting everything about the Belladonnas original plan. Ava takes advantage of whatever distraction she has to free the prisoners from the bonds. She quickly cuts everyone free and as she thinks the song is winding down, the cultists call for another song. The Belladonnas get everyone free and up and out of the camp and they panic a little as they realize they don’t know how to get Phoenix out now.

Roswen goes back to remind Phoenix to get out of the camp and with an awkward exit, make their way out of the camp. The group meet up again with the prisoners a ways outside the camp and walk back to Greenest.

Episode Four: Finding the Cultist’s Camp

After two days of rest, Governor Nighthill tasks the group with finding more information about the cultists and finding their camp. Before they leave, they are also approached by a monk who asks them to look for his master, Leosin who he believes was captured by the cultists.

Ava stumbles into the meeting late, after celebrating all night for gaining an animal companion, and makes a vague excuse about buying a pony book for Roswen. An extremely graphic book about pony breeding to be specific. The pair look awkwardly at each other for a moment before moving on. Governor Nighthall asks the group if they have a name and Roswen offers the name the “Belladonnas”. The girls now have an adventuring name and a new quest.<meta />

They start by tracking the couple day old tracks of the cultists, Ava pulls Roswen aside and apologizes for the book, mentioning that she woke up somewhere strange the night before and found it in the house. Roswen raises an eyebrow and asks if Ava stole it.

“Well he was dead, so…?” Ava is abruptly cut off, by a “WHAT?!” from Roswen, drawing Lux and Phoenix’s attention before Roswen tries to save it with…”I didn’t know you could do that with lycan?!” Lux kind of shrugs it off and Phoenix decides to confide in the buxom leader.

“Lux, do you believe in dreams… Cause I have one to become a mimic queen.” Phoenix says whimsically.

Lux seems startled. “Can I ask why?” Phoenix launches into an explanation that mimics are misunderstood creatures and she feels she is the only person who truly understands them. Lux tells her to keep dreaming… but in a nice way.

Once Lux and Phoenix are drawn into their own conversation, Roswen and Ava continue theirs. Ava details how she went gambling and woke up in a basement without her money and gathered the items before she knew it belonged to anyone not guilty, but after she discovered the dead guy she figured he didn’t need it anyway. Roswen asks to be included in any further carousing in the future.

Stealthily the group quiets down and approaches a camp of what looks like kobolds and cultists. The kobolds and cultists are arguing about a chicken and the campfire. The Belladonnas sneak up and get the jump on the group of cultists. Without their weapons and caught unawares, the girls make quick work of them… but forget to save someone to question. During the battle, it is revealed that when Lux now rages, golden scales cover her skin in an almost armor-like fashion.

Dousing the campfire and looting some stuff from encampment they continue on, and as they come to a ravine Ava notices that it is set up oddly like an ambush. Before she can let everyone know however, the cultists spring upon the Belladonnas. Ava and Elli, the giant owl, manage to take out two of the cultists before they could roll boulders down on the group. However, the other two cultists come up and take their place, rolling large rocks down the incline, hitting Roswen, Lux and Phoenix.

The Belladonnas scatter and go into battlemode, Elli swooping down, Phoenix casting spells, Ava shooting arrows, Lux swinging her sword and Roswen biting folk as a snake. They struggle a bit getting hit by magic users and a couple of the larger cultists before once again coming out victorious. Although perhaps celebrating another victory too much, they forget that they should probably hide the bodies before continuing down the ravine…


Taking a short rest and healing up, they then continue down the ravine, sneaking ahead to try and see where this camp resides. As they walk down and discuss how they are going to infiltrate this camp, Ava senses that there around 200-300 people in the camp ahead. They periodically notice groups heading down towards the camp and being admitted. They argue about a plan of action on trying to spy around the camp, before settling on Roswen entering the camp as a bug, scouting and if she gets found out and hit that Elli would come in and rescue her in another form.

Phoenix actually finds a book of lyrics on the ground in Celestial while the group is discussing. Another group comes in and Ava impulsively tries to sneak up behind the group and figure out what the group is about… but is instantly found out. A quick deception later, Ava is inside the camp… alone… among 200-300 cultists, kobolds and hunters. The rest of the Belladonnas stare agape as they watch her walk in. Soon after Ava walks in… an alarm is sounded. A man runs in and announces that he found the ambush group dead outside and that there are intruders.

Now the plans turn from infiltration to rescue…

Episode Three: Cry Sanctuary

On their way back from the mill, remembering that they needed someone to question, they stop and capture a man in black, stripping him naked, tying him up and gagging him. Lux carries him back to the Keep and they proceed to interrogate him … terribly. Ava shoots him in the foot and almost kills him and multiple people point out that you should probably ask people a question first. After Roswen revives him, Lux intimidates him and he reveals that they are with the Cult of the Dragon. They are attacking to gain more loot to lay at the feet of the Queen of Dragons, aka Tiamat.

“She is going to bring about the destruction of the world and the Cult of the Dragon will be at her right hand! She has already blessed us with a clutch of dragon eggs, that were going to use to usher in the reign of her greatness!”

With that, the agent bites down on a hidden tablet in his teeth and kills himself before he can reveal any more information. Governor Nighthill laments not getting more information, but is put at peace for knowing a bit more about the situation.

As they leave the interrogation room, he notifies them that he has gotten word that there is a Temple of Chauntea that is under attack and has multiple townsfolk trapped inside. He asks that the girls go and save these people and he will try to reward them however the now looted village of Greenest can.


When the group arrives at the Temple, they see multiple groups of enemies. They sneak up towards the building and hide behind a small stone wall. Looking to the rest of the group, Ava takes a couple hidden shots at the group trying to break in through the back door. The group spots them and return fire, Roswen turns into a snake and Lux launches a javelin at a couple kobolds, impaling one and Rosnake killing another. Phoenix gets in the last kill with C-sharp.

Suddenly, the group hears a patrol coming up of people clearly celebrating victory. Scrambling, they hide the bodies and hide behind the wall themselves and wait for the group to pass. Successfully stealthy, the girls unlock the back door and enter the Temple to see a group of scared townsfolk. They meet Aiden Falconmoon, a half-elf priestess of Chauntea.

“We’re here to rescue you,” Ava says triumphantly as she tries to look as non-threatenly as possible. “We need to go out the back door and back to the keep…”

Exhausted and with the dim light of dawn almost cresting, the group makes it back to the Keep where they don’t find anything more to do. Finding rest where they can, they’re ready to just wait out the rest of the invasion from the top of the walls, watching for any more incursions. Out of the darkness strides a large blue half-dragon toward the Keep.

“Defenders of Greenest! This has been a successful night and I’m feeling generous. Do you see these four pitiful, useless prisoners. We have no need of them. Send out your greatest warrior to fight me and you can have these four in exchange.”

The group looks at Lux and Ava hands her last healing potion to her before the tall Barbarian takes up the challenge. Phoenix claps Lux on the back and casts a quick spell of Heroism on her as well. Lux walks out and meets the half-dragon. The battle is over quickly as Lux is cut down and the half-dragon laughs in victory.

“You’ll do better next time, buttercup.” He says as the kobolds release their prisoners and the group leaves.

The defenders of Greenest now have time to lick their wounds as get a night of rest. Before Ava goes to sleep, she takes one last walk of the ramparts and feels a vibration from her quiver. Taking out an arrow, she fires a shot at a branch and discovers that she now can shoot even farther in bright light. Lux also feels a slight glow and heat from her coin necklace and Phoenix feels even more confident in her abilities as a Bard.

←—-DING! Level 3——-

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Episode Two: The Never-Ending Night

After notifying the Governor, Escobert comes running up to the group frantically. There is a force of people splintering the main gate and if they get through, the Keep is lost along with all the people inside. Steadying their resolve and healing what wounds they can, they rush to the defense of the gate. They see a couple guard drakes, a magic user, and kobolds attacking.

Lux rages, Roswen turns into a wolf, Ava goes to the roof to take out the magic user and Phoenix sings a song about her friends to inspire Ava. They each get a couple kills before Phoenix once again saves the day by mending the gate. However when they turn around, they notice another force of invaders that seemed to have snuck into the Keep without anyone noticing.

Things look dire for the group as they are quickly overwhelmed by Kobolds and a guy who looks like he’s seen more than one battlefield. Phoenix is struck down unconscious, but Roswen manages to heal her before she faded completely. Now covered in blood and gore, the group tiredly but surely dispatches the invading force and breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

Escobert the dwarf runs back over, carrying something in his hands, but before he can say anything, the moon elf bard slaps him hard in the face. “Where were you?! You left us to die!”

“I brought you over these healing potions to help, so feck you!” The dwarf spits back.

“I don’t want your healing potions!” Phoenix replies as she walks away.

Roswen tries to apologize for Phoenix’s behavior but Escobert is already enflamed. He gives Ava, Roswen and Lux a potion each, but keeps the rest to aid in others who are injured in the Keep. Phoenix seems unaffected by this turn of events.


Roswen comforts an emotional Phoenix, who coming off her angered strike has descended into tears. The group of young women is exhausted and it shows, as Roswen goes to check on some of the townsfolk that they saved and finds that the old blind man has died. She only allows a single tear to escape as she heads inside with everyone else to get some much needed rest… however much they can manage.

Before Roswen can get any rest however, she notices that the staff that was gifted to her by a dryad is humming with new power. A carving of a wolf adorns it and ten small jasmine flowers line the former branch, each with a bit of a healing effect.

An hour goes by in relative silence, when suddenly a loud clanging bell rings out through the keep. “DRAGON!” Outside the blue dragon has decided to truly harry the keep, blasting the walls with its lightning breath. The defenders of the Keep are trying to man a ballista on the walls and turn the dragon away, Escobert among them.

“Oy! If yeh could help… w-we could use it!”

Running to the top of the tower with the ballista, Ava absent mindedly touches the scar caused my dragon fire on her face and neck before sending off shots into the night. The rest of the girls go to the ballista to try and fire the heavy artillery. The dragon keeps swooping past the tower, taking out more and more defenders each time until it finally gives up its attack after being hit in the face and flies away.

The four trudge down the stairs only to be met by Governor Nighthill, who leads them back up the tower. He points to a nearby mill that is being threatened by raiders and fire, he asks them if they could save the mill and perhaps bring back someone in charge to question. He stresses the importance of finding out why their modest town of Greenest is under attack.

Sneaking down to the mill, when they arrive they notice that the mill is not actually on fire and the whole thing has been a ruse. There are some guards outside and Roswen wild shapes into a badger to fight the raiders. Once again they are no match for the defenders of Greenest and they move to investigate more of the mill.

Roswen smells some people inside, but as a badger cannot tell the group. Ava doesn’t see anyone inside and takes her own initiative to climb up to the loft area, though not as stealthily as she would like. Once she gets to the top she is immediately set upon by a group of raiders, waiting to spring their trap. A flurry of spears fly out the window much to the surprise of the rest of the group waiting at the bottom of the stairs with the window above, hitting Ava.

The ranger manages to swing inside the mill and knock one of the raiders off the loft to his death but then is quickly surrounded. “Help!” She shouts and her group rushes up and dispatches the rest of the ruffians. They search the rest of the mill but find nothing of note and still don’t have anyone to question…

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