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The Sword Coast

Commerce along the Trade Way and other caravan routes binds the city-states of the Sword Coast. The coast itself is treacherous, featuring undersea reefs, rocky outcroppings, and a soft, mucky bottom that extends for miles in many areas.

There are no kingdoms or nations on the Sword Coast, only a handful of city-states and a number of small independent towns linked by trade routes. Most of the region is a dangerous wilderness thick with bandits and monsters.

True ports are few and far between, a fact that makes the sheltered bay at the foot of Mount Waterdeep so precious. Its natural harbor has permitted Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, to grow into one of the shining jewels of the Sword Coast. Port cities north of Waterdeep didn’t fare well in the years after the Spellplague; both Neverwinter and Luskan are now in ruin. [[Baldur’s Gate]], on the other hand, survived the last century relatively unscathed and has swelled to become the most populous city in Faerûn. Candlekeep remains a bastion of learning, though the crag it rests upon now stands at least 100 feet off the coast.



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