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This campaign is being run using Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition See: Basic Rules & House Rules

House Rules

House rules replace any existing rule in any of the three core DnD 5e books. We are also incorporating all Unearthed Arcana playtest material.

  • Stat Rolls-4d6 drop the lowest, 7 times, keep the highest 6<meta />
  • Intelligence Bonus-you can gain an additional common language per modifier point, or an exotic language for every 2 modifier points
  • Strength Boost-Any character wielding a versatile or two-handed weapon in both hands adds 1.5 times their strength bonus to damage, rounded up, instead of just 1×. For example, a warrior with 16 Strength would normally add +3 to their damage rolls. With this change they would add 3 × 1.5, rounded up, which would be +5 to the rolls instead.
  • Intimidate-Characters may choose to use Charisma or Strength for their Intimidation checks, though the DM may rule that Charisma would still apply in certain situations.
  • Critical Hits-On a critical hit, all damage dice will explode.


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