Leosin Erlanthar

monk, harper agent, good at getting caught, bad at escaping


Leosin Erlanthar is an elven monk who has dedicated his life to the study of dragons and uprooting evil where he can find it.

Throughout his travels he has gained a small number of disciples, including Nesim Waladra who have for some reason or another, chosen to follow him in his path of martial arts and justice.

His latest target is the Cult of the Dragon, which he has reason to believe is plotting something big beyond their typical extortion and raids.

Unfortunately, somewhere between Berdusk and Greenest he disappeared, likely kidnapped by the very cult he was spying on.

His disciple Nesim was able to make his way to the town of Greenest and enlist the help of the party to find and rescue Leosin.

The party found Leosin in the cultist camp tied up to a cross, beaten, and at the edge of consciousness. However, he initially refused the party’s attempts to rescue him, stating that he had yet to learn all that he could about the cultists and their motives and that he could fend for himself.

Eventually he caved in when he admitted that in his condition he probably would not be able to survive the execution that he was going to be subjected to the next morning.

The party was able to bring Leosin all the way to Greenest Keep, where he promptly collapsed after the adrenaline wore off. He was promptly tended to by Aidan Falconmoon and other healers around the keep.

Leosin was so badly injured from the ordeal that he was expected to remain unconscious for many days while he healed. It came as a surprise to everyone when, the next morning, he awoke for a few minutes, just long enough to answer a few of the party’s questions.

Upon the party’s return to Greenest, Leosin had long since made a full recovery, and was eager to have the party return to the Horseshoe Plateau to finish what he had started, going as far as to offer a sizable payment to the party on completion of the task.

Leosin informed the party to come to Elturel after they had completed their task, where they could meet one of Leosin’s allies against the Cult, a paladin by the name of Ontharr Frume.

Leosin Erlanthar

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