Tyranny of Dragons (Nerd Immersion)

Episode Five: Hags and Helping the Helpless

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The Belladonnas watch as Ava tiptoes towards the camp, trying to figure out more about the groups entering, when she loudly steps on a twig and is discovered. Panic sets in for Roswen as she watches her childhood friend get further and further away into danger. As they discuss how to proceed, they watch a man run past warning the camp of intruders. Apparently alerted by the fact that they left the ambush site completely unaltered after killing everyone. Ava darts inside a nearby tent to avoid further detection.

The rest of the group panics as they try to decide what to do. They finally decide to move out and around the camp when all of the sudden a stranger pops seemingly out of nowhere next to them. A human female with short brown hair in a bob and blue eyes.

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“Hi guys!” She says, just staring at the group. Lux pulls her sword and the girl suddenly puts up her hands. “Oh shoot!” She pulls off a wig, revealing Ava’s dreads underneath. Deciding that stealth and escape are more important than answers at the moment, they make their way out of the ravine and try to avoid further detection from the cult.

As they make camp to study the encampment and plot their next move, Ava details what happened to her during the short period of time that she was missing. She tells them that when she heard the man run into the camp she ducked into a nearby tent that appeared empty. The dark tent, suddenly glowed with light however and she describes an old woman with a cough offering her assistance and some items for a favor later, trying to gloss over the whole favor thing. She also attempts to reassure them that everything’s fine and there’s nothing at all concerning about this encounter at all…

To mixed results.

With a minute to breathe, the conversation turns to Lux’s gold dragon scales that cover her body whenever she rages. Ava immediately accuses her of being a secret dragon, somewhat jokingly as she would never be friends with a dragon, secret or not. Roswen points out that they were gold scales which would mean that if she was a dragon, she’d be a good dragon.

“The only good dragon is a dead dragon,” Ava spits out nonchalantly, and with only a hint of malice, believing that the others held this same belief. She seems unaware that Lux has bristled and Roswen looks uncomfortable and when she does notice, she doubles down. “I’ve never met a good dragon. Dragons are evil.”

Lux tries to reassure her that metallic dragons are in fact good and Ava grows suspicious, asking again about her scales. Lux mentions that its part of her path as a barbarian and a relative peace settles about the group again. The conversation then turns back to Ava and the new items she’s acquired. She hands over a bag of salt to Roswen, gloves with lightning bolts to Lux and keeps a coat that looks like a porcupine for herself. Ava also details what she learned about the cult while she was down there.


  1. They like dragons.
  2. They raise their hand and yell “Praise Tiamat” to each other.
  3. There’s also hunters down there not with the cult, that just say that there’s food in the cave in the back thats guarded.

They discuss plans on how to get into the camp and get Leosin out, it takes them awhile before the finally settle on a plan. Lux will stay up above with a rope so that the group can climb out of the encampment with Leosin. Roswen, Ava and Phoenix will go in as hunters, with Roswen disguised as an cat. Ava hunts a couple of deer to complete the disguise and they enter in through the main gate untroubled.


Further into the camp, the group discovers there are 8 other prisoners in addition to Leosin that need to be rescued. They also see that the half-dragon Cyanwrath is not alone. There is another female half-dragon in the camp as well as another female in purple robes and a man in red robes. They are unable to get close to the tent however as it is heavily guarded. They continue and leave the meat by the door of the cave, the guards mention that they’ll take it into the nursery later.

Ava and Phoenix leave the meat behind and walk over to where the prisoners are. Roswen-cat tries to see into the cave, but is unable to see anything of note. The trio wander over to where the prisoners are being held and try to sneakily speak with Leosin, although Ava laments she’s not the smoothest when it comes to intrigue. Leosin is initially reluctant to leave, saying that he’s gathering intel, however agrees to be “rescued” only if the other prisoners are rescued as well.

Phoenix is set to task with distracting the camp and while Ava is waiting a guard wanders by where they’ve been talking to Leosin. “Heh, heh, heh, come to have a little fun with the prisoner, huh? He’s such an easy target.” Playing along, Ava gives Leosin a punch in the stomach. The guard laughs again and eggs her on, trying to get her to punch him harder. Ava hesitates and covers it up with concern that the boss will be mad at her. The guard reassures her and Ava reluctantly socks Leosin in the face before the guard wanders off again. “Oh god, I’m so sorry!”

Meanwhile, Lux uses her ability to speak with animals with Elli, giving her instructions on what to do on her signal. Elli also comments on how awesome Ava is, although unfortunately Ava can’t hear her from down below.

Phoenix launches into her distraction, putting on the concert of her life with pyrotechnics and dancing lights and completely forgetting everything about the Belladonnas original plan. Ava takes advantage of whatever distraction she has to free the prisoners from the bonds. She quickly cuts everyone free and as she thinks the song is winding down, the cultists call for another song. The Belladonnas get everyone free and up and out of the camp and they panic a little as they realize they don’t know how to get Phoenix out now.

Roswen goes back to remind Phoenix to get out of the camp and with an awkward exit, make their way out of the camp. The group meet up again with the prisoners a ways outside the camp and walk back to Greenest.



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