Greenest Keep

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Greenest Keep


This fortified building stands at the center of the town of Greenest. It serves as the home base for the town’s humble militia.

The only way in and out of the keep is through as large sally port on the West end of the building, which has made the keep the go-to place for evacuating citizen’s during a raid or natural disaster.

The keep’s high wall’s and parapet allow militia archers to pick off would-be attackers from afar, and the keep is large enough to have a decently sized weapon’s storage and mess hall.

The master of the keep itself is Castellan Escobert.

When the party first arrived at Greenest Keep, a dragon was circling dangerously close and the Cult of the Dragon was expected to come crashing through.

After rescuing many townsfolk from the Greenest Temple, the cultist leader, [[:Frulam Mondath | Fulam Mondath]], commanded a large group of raiders to siege the keep. The party managed to stave off the invaders with the help of [[:Escobert the Red| Escobert]] and [[:Aidan Falconmoon | Aidan]].


Greenest Keep

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