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The World

Toril is the world that hosts the storied continent of Faerûn. Bitter winds sweep the steppes of the End-less Wastes, storm waves crash against the cliffs of the Sword Coast, and in between stretches a vast land of shining kingdoms and primal wilderness. The mysteries, secrets, and stories of Faerûn are virtually limitless.

Abeir is the realm forgotten. A twin to Toril and once joined with it, Abeir went its own way at the dawn of the world. Where gods and their servants oversee Faerûn, the lords of Abeir were towering primordials and elder wyrms, and savagery ruled with them. Now, after long epochs of separation, Abeir has joined with Toril once again, in a return both violent and unlooked-for.

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Characters: Important NPCs & Player Characters.

History: The history of Faerûn.

Locations: The regions, nations, towns of Faerûn.

Organizations: The power groups of the Realms.

Religion: The gods of Faerûn.

Culture: Life and culture in the Realms.

Rules: D&D Fifth Edition as well as a few house/homebrew rules.

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